group of hands from people of different races reaching together in unity with the words "MVRCS PTO #MVbettertogether"

MV: Better Together

Like you, many of the MVRCS PTO team received the email sent on January 29 by Mr. Alex Dan, MVRCS Superintendent, regarding the annual 100th day of school celebration and the distribution of commemorative t-shirts to only those students currently in hybrid or in-person learning modes. PTO leadership is shocked and deeply disappointed at any official action taken by the administration that does not equitably recognize the hard work of the entire student body on this occasion, including students who are fully remote. As parent volunteers representing in-person, hybrid, and remote students, we remain committed to keeping strong our connections as families. As part of our 2021 outreach, we have been preparing to launch a new volunteer drive and fundraising appeal to support students, teachers, and parents regardless of learning platform. This work is now urgent and we look forward to sharing more in the coming days on how you can be a part of this.

The 100th day is an achievement we can and should celebrate together — students, parents, teachers, and staff. In acknowledgement of the sacrifice, struggle, and loss experienced across Mystic Valley during this pandemic health crisis, the PTO welcomes your time, good ideas, and support in an effort to renew the bonds of our school community. Please look for further updates on this in the near future. And, congratulations to ALL students and families, who have worked so hard to reach the 100th day. Thank you and stay safe! #MVBetterTogether

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