Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

Time to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to our amazing team of MV teachers!

This year has been like no other! And that means the PTO would like to ask for your help in showing our gratitude for the faculty and staff.

Our teachers have worked so hard for our children this year and this coming week is our chance to show them how much we appreciate them and say “thank you!”

We would love for you to join in any or all of our Teacher Appreciation Week events as a way of showing your gratitude to the people who are working so hard — in-person or remotely! — to positively impact your child.

Take a moment to follow along on this little E-A-G-L-E calendar for the week of May 3 through May 7 and share your thanks with a member of the MV staff.

Monday, May 3

Gimme an “E!” Earn a smile! Compliment your teacher (in person or virtually by email). The PTO will be easing all staff into the week with some pretzel treats.

Tuesday, May 4

Gimme an “A!” Add something to the classroom (ex: wipes, post-it notes, dry erase markers, or a picture or poem!). The PTO will add some refreshments to our MVRCS staff’s day.

Wednesday, May 5

Gimme a “G!” Give your teacher (students, parents/caregivers, or both) a note telling them what you appreciate about them. The PTO will be giving away raffle prizes.

Thursday, May 6

Gimme a “L!” Laugh and share a joke! The PTO will be providing staff a hand lotion gift.

Friday, May 7

Gimme an “E!”End Teacher Appreciation Week with a small token of your appreciation. The PTO will end the week with a gold-themed gift for our “gold star” teachers and staff.

What’s that spell? EAGLE!

We hope this list inspires some opportunities to reach out to MV staff and tell them how much their hard work has meant this year. And, if you would like to support the PTO’s efforts to celebrate teachers — and provide student enrichments and scholarships — please consider giving to our 2021 Eagle’s Wing Fund through GoFundMe. This fundraiser will help the PTO support the entire Mystic Valley community — teachers, students, and families!

Thank you for supporting our teachers and our school community!

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