A New Resource from the MVRCS PTO



Eagle's Nest

Dear MV Families,

The PTO Leadership Volunteers is reaching out with a new community resource that we hope will bring you useful information and links for both parents/caregivers and students at all grade levels.

We are calling this the Eagle’s Nest List, after our mascot, and it is a web-based, sharable spreadsheet (on the Google Sheets platform) that we are publishing as an expandable tool for our school community. Think of it as a “one stop shop” for links, tools, and resources you and your family can use.

Please click on this link and look for 3 color-coded sections (sheets or tabs) containing information like General Resources, Student Resources, and something we are calling Parents Helping Parents.

Inside you will find essential information like regional food pantry links and distance learning support. You will also see some options for stress reduction and entertainment, like online story hours, drawing tutorials, or just a live streaming view of sea creatures swimming in Baltimore’s National Aquarium tanks.

More importantly, you will find a list of options for Parents Helping Parents. The current public health crisis has stressed families to the max, and the PTO Leadership Team is offering this list for parents and caregivers to share what they can offer our Mystic Valley community directly. We hope you will think creatively about what you can bring to and share with our school.

If you can volunteer something, please do! Maybe you can put together a few meals for a family where the adults are essential workers and can’t get to the store easily. Or, perhaps you can offer translation support to a family who needs some help reading through distance learning assignments or other paperwork?

Or, can you offer the MV community something that is also a “distance earning” opportunity for you or your family? Please add it to this list! Could you host 30 minutes of Spanish conversation to keep a student up-to-date on their lessons? Maybe a bit of music instruction online or some pet care help? Are you a skilled professional like an attorney or engineer, who could offer their services to our families? We encourage you to think broadly about opportunities and options that will keep us connected to our school community no matter the distance.

The PTO will keep adding to this resource as information comes our way, and we will monitor it for any inappropriate links, spam, etc. And, while we are offering this platform as a common resource, the PTO cannot take responsibility for any parent-to-parent negotiations on volunteering or distance earning engagements. We ask that you work out those details and arrangements individually.

Please open the Eagle’s Nest List and take a look around. Resources like live links should be available to you without any additional apps or downloads. To ADD to the list, click on the small Google Sheets link at the bottom of the webpage and allow the spreadsheet to open in the Google platform. (This may require downloading the Google Sheets app. If you have any problems, please email Outreach.) The PTO Leadership Volunteers have stocked it with a few good ideas, but we know there is more out there.

Questions? Please email Outreach and we will do our best to get back to you quickly. Be sure to look for us on email, Facebook, Instagram, and for updates on our Community Page.

We wish you health and peace during this stressful time, and look forward to the chance to be together again!


The PTO Leadership Volunteers