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Dear MVRCS Class of 2021,

The MVRCS PTO is pleased to announce that we will be offering four PTO Scholarship awards to graduating Seniors this year, each in the amount of $500 each. 

The awards will be made to four Seniors in recognition of their distinction and excellence in volunteerism and community service. The Scholarship Application package is now available online at, or you may obtain a copy from the College Counseling Office. 

If you have any questions about the PTO Scholarship, please contact the College Counseling office, and they will reach out to the Scholarship Committee on your behalf.

Please note: With seniors participating remotely, hybrid or full-time in-person, the PTO has revised the application process to make it easier to submit the application package, Letter(s) of Reference, and the Scholastic Standing documentation as required by the Scholarship Committee.

Please read the Scholarship Profile and Scholarship Application carefully! Applications for the Scholarships are now due on or before 5pm Friday, April 9, 2021. The Committee cannot accept late applications. We hope that you will keep the deadline in mind and apply for one of the scholarships. 

We wish you all the best of luck as you approach your High School graduation.


Peggy Kerans

PTO Scholarship Chairperson