We are currently seeking dedicated individuals to fill the positions of President and Treasurer for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.
As President, you will be responsible for providing leadership, guidance, and direction, ensuring its smooth operation and growth. The Treasurer will be in charge of managing the finances, including budgeting, record-keeping, and financial reporting.

Requirements for the President role:
– Strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate and inspire others
– Excellent communication and organizational skills
– Previous experience in a leadership position is preferred but not required

Requirements for the Treasurer role:
– Proficiency in financial management and budgeting
– Attention to detail and strong analytical skills
– Previous experience in a similar role is preferred but not required

If you are interested in either of these positions, please email mvrcsptoweb@gmail.com or Tiffany Murphy, at tiffanybistocchi@gmail.com. Please include a brief introduction about yourself, your relevant experience, and why you believe you would be a good fit for the role.

We look forward to receiving responses, and to working together to take our community to new heights!


We need Volunteers for our next big event in March, Around the World.
If you are interested, or have questions, please email




Call for Volunteers!

Committee Forming for Dance Across the Decades: A Parent Winter Formal

Remember the fun of high school prom? Or, did you miss your chance to ask that special someone to the dance? Here’s the party for you! The PTO is pulling together a planning committee to host a winter fundraiser to dance across the decades! Jump in on the fun and help us launch this new event for 2020. Interested? Contact Heidi Barraza.


PTO Parent Representatives Needed

Community won’t create itself. It’s up to us! As caregivers, the support and camaraderie of our school community can help us get through the ups and downs of this crazy roller coaster we call “child rearing.” Help the PTO Leadership Team design events that will bring us together to share and support one another, sometimes accompanied by a stiff drink. JOIN US and make a difference in our community. Hey, parents, caregivers, and guardians: WE GOT THIS!  Reach out to Heidi Barraza for more on this PTO effort.


Outreach Volunteers Wanted

Find yourself on Facebook and email all day? Want to share a bit of your time to reach out to MV families? Then you are a perfect fit for Outreach! Just a few hours a week to post notices and connect with families is all it takes. Help the PTO get the word out. Curious? Email Suanna Crowley for more.


Fundraisers, We Need You!

Money doesn’t grow on trees! In order to keep this train on the rails, we need a steady supply of funds. If you love bringing people together to take their money for a good cause, then this is the job for you. Join our team and help us sustain the amazing enrichment activities and after school programming we’re bringing to our kids, the incredible teacher appreciation projects we spearhead, and the parent events we’ll develop as soon as the Parent Rep position is filled. Connect with Heidi Barraza for more details.